RapidDeploy How-To

Help for some common scenarios RapidDeploy

We think RapidDeploy is pretty easy to use straight out-of-the-box. However, you'll soon come across something you don't know how to do. Below we've collected together some how-to guides to help with that. For all other help, go to the documentation site.

From Model to Release

Deployment and Release Tracking

Create a Deployment Model

How to create a deployment model

Using Project Resources

How to use the internal/external resources 

Create and Link Sub-models

Create a linked deployment using a 'Master' model that can call sub-models

Creating a Job Plan

How to Create a Job Plan

Create a Composite Release

How to Create a composite release from multiple component projects.

Viewing Logs, Audit and Approvals 

How to view job logs, audit and approvals records.

Using the Calendars

How to use the release calendar and configure blackout periods.

Running and Re-Running Jobs

How to run, replay and retry jobs.

Setting Variables in RapidDeploy

How to set variables.

Installation and Upgrade

Events, Failure and Rollback

Install Additional Plugins

Add additional plugins to RapidDeploy.

Upgrade RapidDeploy and Plugins

Upgrade your current version of RapidDeploy and plugins to the latest one.

Failure and Rollback

Rollback and cleanup in RapidDeploy

Pipeline Steps Explained

How to set up pipeline steps.

Manual Steps in RapidDeploy

How to set up pipeline and server side manual steps, and approvals.

Versioning and Drift

Other Guides

Tracking Version and Target Drift

How to compare releases before deployment and track drift afterwards.

Templates in RapidDeploy

How to configure Templates.

Security in RapidDeploy

RapidDeploy Security Concepts.