Meet RapidDeploy 3.5: Download the Next Generation of RapidDeploy

RapidDeploy with the power of Docker

Richard Bettison

RapidDeploy 3.5 now comes with Docker support

Meet RapidDeploy 3.5. The next generation of MidVision’s RapidDeploy is shipping today. It’s the first time that RapidDeploy will support Docker – so it’s a pretty big deal for us and our customers.

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RapidDeploy 3.5 allows you to install Docker, distribute and manage containers, and then visualise and monitor performance, right from RapidDeploy. Out of the box, RapidDeploy can publish its automation to Puppet and Chef for configuration management – it even allows users to dynamically create manifests, recipes and cookbooks!   Further integrations will follow before the end of the year.

Of course, RapidDeploy 3.5 has the same fast, secure, scalable architecture and enterprise focus as its predecessors. This version includes out of the box ability to create custom environment types (in addition to Dev, Test and Prod), support for WebSphere 8.5, and full DataPower management capabilities, in addition to allowing security admins to create roles by permission.

But aside from that, it’s a big release for us at MidVision. MidVision already supports application deployment for enterprise in sectors ranging from banking to retail, and now we’re helping our customers’ transition to next generation application deployment.

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